OERTLI – your partner in window manufacturing capital expenditure projects

The completion of a successful new window manufacturing production project can be very challenging. Questions like the acquisition of the proper machining centers and most economical way of the different machining sequences in regards to the many different window profiles need to be addressed at an early stage of the project. OERTLI is here to help. We specialize in the following topics:

  • Window concept (make recommendations on the pros and cons of the different window systems that are available)
  • Machining concepts (make recommendations on the pros and cons of the different machining centers that are available)
  • Tooling concept (make recommendation on the different ways to machine the many different profiles that are needed for the different window systems)
  • Data sheets with parameters necessary to program the modern CNC equipment
  • Project documentation and on site tooling qualification

Window technology

Prior to manufacturing tooling systems for the production of windows, it is often necessary to discuss the array of different window profiles that customer would like to produce. Our product specialists and senior sales engineers will work together with the customer and the machine builder trough the array of different profiles required to produce the customers products. A clear understanding on what the customer would like to manufacture and the limitations from both the tooling side and the machine side are the basis to prepare a tangible quotation for the tooling system needed to get the job done right the first time.

Machine and tooling-concept

Today's wide variety of profiles encountered for the many different window systems and the need of our customers to manufacture these windows using as few tools and minimum of machine spindles on the machinery as possible, make it paramount to get the tooling experts and the machine manufacturer involved at a very early stage of the project. Expensive Remanufacture dues and delays of machine and tooling deliveries can and will be avoided by scheduling these meetings as early as possible. Also, if there are any future profiles or other expansions of the product offering that the customer may consider, in the future, need to be addressed at this point as well. Our highly trained senior sales engineers have years of experience with these kind of projects and we are here to assist you with your needs.

Machine data parameters needed for programming

For the programming of today’s modern through feed machining centers, the machine manufacturers require the tooling data and parameters for each and every profile being cut. This can be a very complex situation especially when different individual tools are being used to cut only a part of the overall profile and different tools situated on different machine spindles need to work in harmony to produce the ultimately desired profile. Our engineers are capable of providing the necessary data and parameters upon request to the machine manufacturers.


A comprehensive documentation of all the different window profiles, tooling layouts for each machine spindle, tooling magazines as well as each step of the process of machining a profile in sections, drill patterns, and parts lists are available in digital and in a hard copy format upon request.